Saturday, 11 November 2006

The Beginning & The End

If you've been away at your holiday cave for the last little while (hope you had a great time) you might not have realised that tonight is the 2nd U2 Concert in Sydney on their Vertigo Tour.

The Beginning was in the ticket queue outside Star City very early in the morning with SamR. Here is a photo of The Beginning:

I hope to have photos and video of The End up here tomorrow. Can someone tell me the easiest way to post up video (is uploading to youtube then posting it the best?)


SamR said...

Yep Youtube, or I think you can do it from google video too. Currently you can't post video straight to Blogger.

David said...

hey matt,

look forward to reading your blog.

i'd go with youtube.

dave miers

matt&kate said...

Thanks guys, I'll give youtube a go especially now that I have a few videos off my phone of U2 last night.