Friday, 10 November 2006

Happy Birthday Kate!!!

Today is Kate's Birthday! We're going to AJ's Indian Restaurant for dinner with her parents, brother and Aunt & Uncle. Should be yummy. I think Indian is my favourite cuisine (followed closely by Thai - which is Kate's). What's your's?

I went down to Gerroa (NSW South Coast) with Steve today to meet the new managers of the caravan park that we run our Beach Mission in. It went really well. Praise God! We listened to U2 (Blood Red Sky, Achtung, All That You Can't & Atomic) there and back and had a really good catch up and chat about stuff like 1 Timothy 3 - which I'm speaking on at our next Beach Mission Team Meeting. Any thoughts?

My Dad came over this evening to drop off presents for Kate's birthday and from their honeymoon. I got this awesome windup/no batteries/LED torch.

Naomi came over to pick up their tickets for U2 for tomorrow night. I cannot explain how pumped I am for it. Enjoy it those of you going tonight (hope it doesn't rain on you)!


onlinesoph said...

Mine's Thai too! However, I'll leave it to Sam for the preaching advice...

Great blog Matt and Kate! Look forward to reading more.

John Dekker said...

It would be interesting to preach on the whole chapter, which I don' think is done all that often. That is, how does verse 16 relate to verse 1?