Monday, 25 December 2006


Merry Christmas.

Hope you are felling less bloated than I am and that you had a great day celebrating the birth of Jesus, God's good gift to us, with family and friends.

Sorry it's been such a long time between posts. The Toose Hoose has been a little busy lately.

We've been to Coffs Harbour for the first week of Kate's school holidays to a nice resort up there (great time to go, before all the kiddies get out of school). Great weather until the Thursday when conveniently enough the second test began. Yesssss! I Enjoyed a very nice selection of beers that I took up including: Maltilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale, Cascade First Harvest, Squire Golden Ale and an India Pale Ale among others. Yum!

More recently I been back at work (good times). Battled the post holiday blues. Kate's been working on her sleep-in technique and I'm currently in the middle of four days off.

They've been busy and there's no sign of letting up. Christmas meals x 4 families (hence the bloatedness). Church x 2 at 2300hrs Christmas Eve (also good times) and 0930hrs this AM.

Tonight will be working on another 1 Timothy talk (Chapter 4 this time - about being active in living out our faith) for Beach Mission which starts tomorrow so tonight will also involve a bit of packing. We'll only be there for 2 days to set up as I couldn't get time off from work. Pray for Steve & Nicole as they lead the team for the first time.

Then back for 6 more shifts including 4 nights and then back on holidays again for 2 more weeks. Yeehaa!

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