Friday, 23 February 2007

The Rabbit Hole

After reading Sam's post I started to have a look at Justin's blog which linked me to someone else which then linked me to read up on Robert Bell and his Velvet Elvis thing...

It was a bit much and I didn't get into any of it really mostly due to time but later had the same thought as Sam - was any of this really helping me in any way other than to sate my curiosity?

The answer was no - it didn't help me prepare for Bible Study on Romans 2, research what 'saints' and 'Saints' are, read the Bible nor did it encourage me to pray (maybe for those who don't treat God's word with humility).

I too listen to downloaded sermons that I can get for free but almost all of it is recommended or from a source that I trust (eg. Media Church, St Paul's Carlo, etc). At MKC on the weekend I was asking myself the question when are KCC going to get their act together - but I think finances might be the cause. I last listened to Dominic's talk on Decoding Da Vinci (refuting Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code) which was awesome and I highly recommend it.

As far as bookshops go, Koo-very-wrong is 15 minutes away and I've only ever bought Bibles or commentaries from them (20% 0ff this week) which is pretty safe.

In future I think I'll stick with the blue pill.

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