Friday, 20 April 2007

It's Official

The Australian International Beer Awards were presented last night in Melbourne. The Grand Champion:

Weihenstephan Kristall

I haven't tried it... yet!

We're having dinner tonight with Chris & Nat Swann, friends from beach mission and I'm taking some James Squire Hop Thief to have with some curry. Yum!

What's your favourite beer?


Guthers said...

hands down the toughest (and best) question that has ever been posed on a blog...

Of course - I love the Hop thief... It is very very tasty. I probably love last years version a little more than this year.

Also high on the list is Cascade First Harvest, Boag's Honey Porter, Squire Australian Strong Ale, Coopers Vintage (but what year???)

This is a very tough question Matt - I don't know that I can give just one answer!

SamR said...

I'm a big fan of Golden Draak.

As the page says - a beer in a class of its own.

Matt & Kate said...

I too find it hard to name just one. I'm a fan of Squire Golden Ale as a good all rounder - haven't had it on tap yet. Lachlan (also a fan of it) tells me it's available in Katoomba of all places! I didn't get to try last year's Thief (do you have a spare?). I'm certainly not going to stick with one cause I'm always finding different brews that are amazing.

I think I tried this about a month ago. Is it the one that is like a million dollars a bottle. Geoff had one at Lachlan's bucks and let me sample it - BEAUTIFULl!!!

Thanks for commenting boys. Where are all the cool chicks who only 2 weeks ago were saying how much they loved beer :)

Matt & Kate said...

Sam, how do you put links into comments?

onlinesoph said...

I drink the beer Sam gives me to drink!

But I'm with you guthers, last year's hop thief was nicer, although the one I had this week was still pretty good.

Here's a question: ale or lager?

Matt & Kate said...

Ale all the way. Tastier and more full flavoured unless you can find an old world or unfiltered lager.

You could also ask the question (and I will) of Ale or Wheat Beer?

Guthers said...

I like the line:

"Gulden Draak smells of Triumph"


Nixter said...

I love beer, I went to the Belgian Beer place on York Street last week and had Lowenbrau = yummo. I also love Hogarden - or however you spell it. Yum. I like lots of beer, not I like to drink lots of beer I just like a lot of types ;)

Matt & Kate said...

The Belgians really know what they're doing. Especially their monks (Trappist).