Sunday, 1 April 2007

The Uggs

The Ugg Boots are out. The other night I went to bed with very cold feet which, funnily enough, Kate refused to let me warm up against her??? The Toose Hoose can get quite cool - we haven't yet experienced the entireity of the cold season but we still have the option to crack out the gas heater. Yessss!

My uggs are a bit special. I've had them since about Year 10 (1997?) and they are well loved. I've held them together with some Gaffer Tape (tan coloured to match with a bit of silver for a highlight). They've also been the victim of a little graffiti - my favourite is one by Nick Williams which states "Toose is a Goose and a Moose" - good times. I'll post a picture of them soon - I can't do it now cause I'm on the couch using Kate's lappy watching Rove (pretty cool line up including Ross Noble, Silverchair and Toni Collette) but maybe tomorrow.

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