Friday, 4 May 2007

Night Shift On The Interweb Thingy

I managed to resurrect my work internet access just in time for night shift. I thought I'd share a couple of cool interweb discoveries I had in the wee hours of the morning.

The world's coolest wheelchair. The Trekinetic. Check out this badboy!

Amazing Acrobots. Crank the slider. Click the light bulb. Give them more friends. Watch them go nuts! Hours of brainless enjoyment. (h/t Ben)

I also bought some new sunnies and a thermometer for my cellar. eBay baby, eBay.


SamR said...

Those Acrobots were awesome!

Matt & Kate said...

Soooo much fun. Did you try all the buttons?

Matt & Kate said...

Kate wants it as her screen saver.

Try grabbing them and throwing them across the screen.

SamR said...

yeah I tried them all out. It's cool.

Lairdy said...

I'm hooked on the "Feed the head" thing

Matt & Kate said...

Thanks for commenting Lairdy. I don't think we've heard from you since day 1 of THO. How's college?

My favourite nose is the 'fruit tree' and then feeding the berries to the elephant trunk. I like the propeller too. What's yours?

Lairdy said...

College is going great! Preaching conference this week.

I like the explosion nose and the tree of course. Not sure if there's any point to it all but it's addicative!

Matt & Kate said...

You're right in the addictiveness and pointlessness of it. Great for mindless night shift time killing.

Glad college is great. I was thinking about going along to one of the lectures seeing as they're so close to us.