Monday, 14 May 2007

The Search

I've the next two days off. At the moment I'm at Kate's school after dropping her at work and will soon head over to Eastwood for a coffee from Centro and a crossiant from the Korean bakery near Franklins. I just read a coffee related post from Guthers here and have been further inspired - I've been thinking about trying to find a decent coffee in Parramatta (the closest hub of civilisation to the Toose Hoose). I think it might require some cash and a bit of time with the intention of making a coffee crawl through Parra CBD. I thought I'd start by letting my fingers do the walking and call a few cafes asking the following and collating the answers:

Are you serious about coffee?
How many coffees does your cafe do in a day?
What coffee?
What machine?

Any other questions I should ask? Any ideas on which cafes to hit first?


David said...

what are your loyalty cards like... ie. how many do i have to buy before i get a free one?

SamR said...

The problem with Parramatta being your local is parking. They have put meters everywhere :(

I don't know where the best place to go there anymore is - have you tried the cafe that is in place of my old one?

Matt & Kate said...

Thanks for the question suggestion Dave. I had a feeling you'd give me directions to the nearest McCafe :p

Matt & Kate said...

Good tip Sambo. Didn't know they had replaced it with a new one. It's just around the corner form our fav Thai place 'Monkey Drum'. I'll check it out