Friday, 22 June 2007

Acts of War

It's time to renew our home & contents insurance so I'm reading the policy. It turns out that we're not covered for any loss or damage arising from war, warlike activities or revolution. No big surprises there. What was strange was the fact that we're not covered for damage caused by the use or misuse of nuclear weapons. What the?!?

I guess I'll have to move that A-bomb out of the living room and into the back shed ;)


portable people said...

We went onto choice magazine website and found that GIO is by far the best insurer. So we did. House and contents

Mattt said...

Didn't know you guys were members. I had 3 free issues delivered to me a month or so ago as a trial. Some great stuff in them but I felt it didn't help with my being content. I might give GIO a call before we resign with AAMI. Thanks.