Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Beer Festival

A great evening with a cool crew from St Paul's. Unlimited volumes of Coopers Vintage on tap from an awesome dude who completely ignored the fill line on the tasting cup but had no idea about what he was serving. About 40 beers on show the mentionable ones including Leffe Brown (on tap) & Radieuse, Schofferhofer, Little Creatures full line up, Erdinger, Hoegaarden Verboden Vrucht (Forbidden Fruit). A few shenanigans on the way out making the night a bit more memorable!

Beer & Brewer Magazine sort of launched itself at this most auspicious occasion - we met the publisher (Dave) who gave me a free copy of Issue 1 that's going straight to the pool room.

We had planned to have dinner at the James Squire Brew House (I'm yet to visit this hallowed ground) but we decided we wouldn't appreciate it fully after what we had just sampled so instead hit the old time hangout of Sydney's coolest junior hoodlums: Macca's Darling Harbour for some tasty burgers.

Now I'm looking forward to The Sydney Food & Wine Festival where I'm told Redoak will have a stall. I might even see Jamie Oliver too. See you there Saturday.


Guthers said...

Coopers vintage on tap!?!? That's awesome! Did it lose any of its bottle fermented goodness?

Someone here from work popped in to the beer festival and decided it wasn't worth sticking around.. sounds like a foolish decision.

Mattt said...

The Vintage was superb! SUPERB!

That nameless individual shall from this day forward be know as "the foolish one"...

portable people said...

hope the beer is as good on Saturday

T said...

And I wasn't invited? Hmmmppphhhh!!
I thought I was cool, and I'm from St Pauls!

Mattt said...

Didn't know you were that serious about beer T. Maybe next year.

T said...

I'm not Matt - at all!! It's evil stuff!!
Was just joshing with you about coming!
Although choc bavarian beer ice cream is goooooooooooooooooood!!!