Monday, 9 July 2007

Bye Bye Blair

A short time ago Michelle of Knock Box notoriety asked some of us coffee snobs for our feedback on a new (signature) blend she had created. She also asked for name suggestions and the above is what she may have decided on (it was roasted on Tony's last day as PM). She also made hints to the possibility of starting what would be the premier coffee snob go-to joint on the Central Coast (ie. their own cafe with 4 blends available) - sounds like a ripper idea. I'd definitely drop in when visiting my Grandma who lives up there. Here is the latest (and probably my greatest yet) art made on top of the very tasty coffee - nice one Michelle.


portablepeople said...

looks like a gelato if you turn the laptop upside down. I do not suggest this trick with a desk top though.

michelle said...

Nice art!

Mattt said...

Thanks guys. Not sure what gelato you're eating though Dad?!?