Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Pretty tired right now. Kate had to drive me home when I picked her up this arvo. Finished it last night at 11.57pm. Great book. I think I might have even shed a tear or two, but it could have been from weary eyes ;) One of my bros finished it on Saturday (or it might have been the very early hours of Sunday). Kate has started this arvo. To those of you who are still going - Enjoy!!!


Nic said...

I bought it at 9.01 on sat and didn't put it down until I finished (except for lunch). Finished at 6.56 pm Sat. I know I'm sad.

Mattt said...

Mish said you'd finished it super quick. It was you I was reffering to.

Will you have to re-read to take it all in.

Did you like it?