Friday, 17 August 2007

Sick Satuday

Last Saturday our intention was to spend the whole day together for a 'Date Day' - a new concept in the Toose Hoose. We had planned activities like sleeping in till midday, putt putt golf, dinner out and a nice movie (A Good Year starring our very own Russ). Unfortunately Kate's cold escalated to Snotcon 4 on Friday night. So putt putt took a rain check, dinner was take away Thai, sleeping was mandatory and the movie was just as enjoyable.

I took today off work after leaving at 2pm yesterday with my head buried in a roll of toilet paper (we ran out of tissues). No matter how much I boasted about my impenetrable immune system, Kate has very generously shared her plague with me so that tomorrow I will be the sick one. We had planned to visit, with others, a friend's property in the southern Blue Mountains to go bush walking and have lunch with the group. Sadly this will also have to be postponed. At least we have more tissues...

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