Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Tax & The Environment

How are these two unrelated topics related I hear you think (I can read your thoughts!!!)?

I've finished my tax return but to do so, rather than receive the usual convenient copy in the mail, I was required to hunt down the elusive 'Tax Pack'. I guess 'they' are trying to save wasting paper with people using the convenient eTax system - not so convenient as they haven't managed to pull their finger out in 5 years to make it Mac compatible?!?!

We did however receive the obligatory copies the White Pages on the Toose Hoose doorstep. I dutifully dragged the rectangular, plastic covered, reconstituted tree trunk into the house. However, before I could store it safely in the bottom of the cupboard in the room furthest away from the telephone I had to pull out last years copies, take off the glad wrap and deposit them in the recycling bin. Now what the heck is that all about! Clearly they have a slightly larger number of pages than the humble Tax Pack but Telstra throw them around like they own half the Amazon Basin. Come on people! When was the last time anybody looked up a name or number in those tomes. Internet baby, internet!


portablepeople said...

I am with you MattMan. Haven't used a white or yellow pages since last century. Carbon footprint neutral is the way to go

David said...

i still use the yellow pages (rarely the white ones).

we only have one though... so it's practical.

Mattt said...

Fair enough guys. In opposition to my rant I do find the online versions rather fickle in their abilities to deliver the desired information.

I imagine the yellow pages is paid for/subsidised by the advertising but who pays for the White?