Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Old but New

Just arrived home from my second of four night shifts after making an unscheduled pit stop at Withams Coffee roasters after a spur of the moment desire to get fresh beans. They great thing is they are 3 blocks from the hospital and just off my route home. It's bean a while (he! he! he!) since I had any of their stuff - I had easy access to it when we lived at Gordon and can't really think why I stopped because it's fantastic. They've a new logo, bought a massive new roaster, started using a WEGA machine and have a new barista who is awesome (I had a hot chocolate - beautiful milk). I bought 250g of the Super Mocha ($10) a brother of an old blend they had called Columbia Medellin Excelso to which I was rather partial.

I'm also listening to a pommy bloke called Scott Matthews - sweet tunes! Check him out here.

Catch you all later. I'm off to bed!


portablepeople said...

Scott Matthews is fantastic. Read his history and he had lots of influences, and sounds a little like Jack Johnson/john Mayer/

Mattt said...

He is good. Triple J have been playing 'Elusive' whuch is beautiful. Listening to the album now...