Friday, 5 October 2007

The Kingdom

Wow! This movie is crazy and I loved it. Shot in a similar style to Bourne Ultimatum (ie try to make Matt motion sick) this is an insane thrill ride almost too big for the 'big' screen!

Things I liked:
- Jamie Foxx is the man! (if you don't think so check out 'Ray' and 'Collateral'...)
- the opening credits/history lesson/clever visual effects
- action with lots of guns
- the cut to the heart moments when Arabs and Americans see eye to eye
- the irony of the ending
- only 65 - 70% full of "how awesome is America" (based on a poll of the 4 car passengers of the way home)

Check it out!

While Googling for a piccy I found the title for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - pretty long winded in my opinion. Harrison Ford is also the man!

We also saw shorts for a new Denzel Washington movie titled 'American Gangster' (our own Russell Crowe is in it too) - it looks good. Denzel Washington is also the man!

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