Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I'm using Skype talking to Mum who now lives in New Zealand except I can't get my camera to work.

Still pretty cool though!


Liam and Liz shannon said...

If the problem is to do with the driver than go to http://webcam-osx.sourceforge.net/. This should help your mac to recognise your camera.

Nixter said...

you gotta love Skype!

Libby said...

don't you have an iSight Matt?? :)

Mattt said...

It was great. We chatted for about 45mins while we both mucked around on the web (booking plane tickets, blogging, facebook & google earth). So cool and it was free to boot!

Thanks Liam (do you have a third family member yet?). That's pretty techy mate. I had a few goes at getting it to work (2 programs + a driver work around thing). I'll give yours a go though. Cheers.

No iSight :( we're kicking along with an eMac (from before the iSight was invented) though Dad has offered us his to use. The camera we have will work with Kate's lappy. You'll have to sign us up to your contacts list Libbs and we can chat.

Libby said...

I was being a bit cheeky Matt - sorry.
We've got you on our iChat but not our Skype - send us your details via email and we will have to catch up