Thursday, 25 October 2007

Toose Music News: Issue 4

I bought the new album from The Panics today - thanks Chris and Elissa. I really dig it! You can listen to some tracks here. My favourite is 'Don't Fight It'.

In other music news Lior has announced that his 2nd album will be released early next year. Cool story that happened to a friend of a friend of mine (no, really!). He organised a picnic with his then girlfriend to propose to her and emailed Lior to ask if he would come and play for them as he popped the question. Lo and behold Lior rocked up and sang 'This Old Love' (listen here) as requested and just as it dawned on the chick that it was really him the guy asked her to marry him. She said yes. They then invited him to come to their wedding but he couldn't make it.

Aria Awards on Sunday too...


David said...

nice story.

i picked up lior's album on iTunes a month back from 10 bucks.

sweet album!

Guthers said...

that is an awesome story!
Love Lior - especially 'this old love'.

Mattt said...

Glad you approve boys.

That's heaps cheap Dave. I got the live album for $20 from JB.

I reckon if I were to get married again (or maybe at a recommitment ceremony - joking!) I'd have 'This Old Love' for Kate to walk down the aisle or to do the wedding dance to. That or Regina Spektor's cover of 'Real Love' by John Lennon.