Monday, 5 November 2007

Beautiful Machine

Pablo & Rusty's (new website) just got a 3 group Synesso! A friend just had a go on it and was amazed at it's beauty (well duh!) and how forgiving it was. I reckon it'd have to be one of the first in NSW?!?


michelle said...


My cafe's sooo having one of these babies. Maybe two a la Epic Espresso! One of the chicks who works for five senses in WA has a single group one for home!

They're rated as being able to pull heaps more aromatics and notes out of a coffee. That's gotta be a good thing.

I haven't heard any buzz about any others in NSW, had a few shots off Andrew's one at The Maling Room in Melbourne, just sensational!

SamR said...

wow. I'm going today. That's awesome!

Mattt said...

Hey Michelle, I saw that article when you posted it on your blog - so jealous!

Did you go Sambo? What's it like in person? ;)