Thursday, 14 February 2008


It's valentine's day not that it really means much to us seeing as our wedding anniversary is tomorrow but it gives me an excuse to talk about food.

What the?!?!

I love food, my wife too of course, but I love food. We watched Ratatouille today (Kate was home sick) and I loved it. The movie, not Kate being sick. It was all about food ( and a rat and a young French guy) and it was brilliant, funny and touching. We then had spag bol for dinner of which I made extra for one of the girls at work who just left hospital. Supreme comfort food, cooked for over an hour, pasta al dente, freshly grated parmesan - I love food!

ps If you get a hold of the DVD watch the obligatory Pixar short film 'Lifted' - nuff said!


SamR said...

How do you cook Pasta for an hour without it all falling apart?

Mattt said...

The sauce cooked for an hour boof head - not the pasta ;)

Jacqui said...

hehe I thought Kate slept all day... if I had known you were doing DVD's I would have taken a sick day too... but I had half day on Friday so that made up for it *smile*... the joys of teaching

Mattt said...

She pretty much did - that's what I put her quick recovery down to. She said you were sick too - hope you're better.