Monday, 31 March 2008

Jonah & The Fear of God

I'm leading church on Sunday night. It's been a while since I've led. Any hot tips?

We're starting a new series on Jonah. It's been a while since I've read Jonah. I keep thinking about boats, fish (really big ones), a plant that melts and sackcloth. I think I'll have a read before Sunday ;)

Jonah Chapter 1 (HCSB)
Jonah tries to run away from God and his mission to Nineveh.
He fails & along the way leans to fear God.

The photo is of our fish (not really big) called 'Fishy'. Dad and Celia gave him to Kate for Christmas.


Gordon Cheng said...

You'll be great, Matt! Invisible meeting leading is the best, where things just flow and there is no second sermon. I like the St Paul's habit of summarizing key talking points at the end of the meeting, that works really well.

You are good up in front of people and will do an excellent job whatever you come up with.

Oh yeah and the prayer of confession—very important stuff!

Mattt said...

Thanks Gordo. Invisible. Summarize. Pray. Got it.

Turns said...

At the church Thea and I are attending, they read a (or perhapse the?) prayer of confession every week. A little but of liturgy isn't too bad I think, so long as the person up the front doesn't droan like the rest of the congregation, but at least attempts to add some intonation to the reading.

T said...

Will be in prayer for you for Sunday..