Saturday, 29 March 2008

Saturday Morning

A near perfect Saturday morning today, except for the lack of sleep in?!? Woke my usual time of 0600 (not that usual on a Saturday but it happened) and threw together some banana and raspberry bread and whacked it in the oven. Set a timer beside Kate's sleeping head to take it out when done.

Up to church to mow the lawns at 0800. Nothing like pushing an engine on wheels to get the heart going. Beautiful temperature this morning if not a little dull (when is daylight savings starting?). Finished by 0930.

Doppio ristretto lattes and warm b&r bread with Guthers and Matt Fuller (on the mowing team). Now off to Isaac's 1st birthday picnic in Carlo. I'm taking my frisbee! Love the frisbee - I used to play ultimate for the Uni team back in the day - it's been a while though. Fun!

Check out the art that I knocked out for Guthers!

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SamR said...

Looks pretty sweet. Nice work.