Thursday, 24 April 2008

Long White Clouds

We're about to leave for the airport so I thought I'd keep my promise and just quickly make a holiday post. We've seen heaps. Done some awesome driving tours around the top of the North Island - Taupo, Rotorua, Coromadel Peninsula. Visited lots of geothermal thingys. Seen heaps of cows and only a few sheep?!? Paid an arm and a leg for petrol $2.17/litre - curse my right foot! Eaten great food. Drank a few tasty beers and a couple of decent espressi. All in all good times. See you very soon.


Guthers said...

where are the photos???

was the house intact when you got home?

Mattt said...

I'm sure Kate will put some up on Facebook - there are over 250 so probably a few too many for the blog.

The house was intact and even tidy! Thanks to Hammm and Jimmy for looking after the place.

hamish said...

intact apart from the drawer

Mattt said...

The drawer is fixed - I heart liquid nails!

I chucked some photos up on Facebook