Sunday, 6 April 2008

Daylight Spending

Almost as funny as an April fools joke (maybe that's why they changed it to April) is forgetting to change the clocks. We were an hour early for creche this morning! Those of you who know us well would be familiar with our penchant for sleep. I even joked with Kate as we drove to North Rocks this morning about how poorly we would fare if we were to have a baby.

So with an hour to spend we returned home to change the time on 12 appliances (only two of which were actual clocks!), tidied the lounge room a little, I synchronized my watch with the talking clock (phone 1194), Kate played on facebook, I checked the pantry for the ingredients for scones that I'm planning on making for church supper tonight and posted this. Priceless.

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Turns said...

That's a bit silly Matt. I lost an hour's sleep the other week from daylight savings starting here- annoying, but presumably not as annoying as not cashing that hour back in 6 months later...