Wednesday, 2 April 2008

engage - SOLD OUT!

Engage tickets had sold out by 10am this morning! That is crazy!

Our MTS trainee called me to ask if I had a spare ticket - which sadlyI don't. If anyone has a spare can you let me know. There's a waiting list that any unpaid tickets will be distributed to after the 17th or something.

It's going to be huge. Do you think they'll put on a second weekend? How long are Carson and Driscoll in the country? KCC could have charged more - maybe I should sell our spares on eBay ;)


Turns said...

What about all the people who were 'promised' twice as many tickets as they bought last year?

Nic said...

all those people had a chance to pre-book before the opening date, so there probably weren't that many tickets left for the general release, hence the immediate sell-out. I got mine.

Gordon Cheng said...

Start a bidding war on this blog. All proceeds to CMS, or some other mission organization.

More hits for your blog, another weekend free to work in the garden, CMS gets some support and publicity, everyone's a winner.

I am a genius.