Thursday, 22 May 2008

Blogging is useful

I posted on a blog of sorts yesterday regarding one of the 3 uni assignments I have cooking at the moment. When our lecturer announced that participating on the subject discussion board was mandatory for this assignment there were a few who looked a little daunted at the prospect. I put it down to my time on the blogs that I didn't share their trepidation. Last night I wrote up a brief explanation of the patient I planned to study and my thoughts on the two areas of health management I was focusing on. My lecturer replied this morning with some good advice and a very helpful and interesting link to a pain management site. Have a look if you're interested.

What has blogging helped you do?


hamish said...

waste time at work

Mattt said...

What, facebook not available at work?

I was thinking positives!

Therese said...

I think for me, blogging has helped me be more "me" - seeing who I really am!!
By the way, Matt, I'm still waiting for an update on how North Rocks at night is going??

Matt & Kate said...

Hey T,

North Rocks is going well but please keep praying for us. We're going through a good series on 'Church'. We're seeing around 30 people each week. There are so many opportunities to serve which is awesome.

Our Bible study group is small with
a few of us struggling with long term illness. We're going through James - very encouraging. You guys should come and visit sometime.

Catch you later.